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We are a self funded charity made up of fantastic volunteers dedicated to the Prince of Wales Park. We meet twice weekly on a Wednesday and Saturday morning at 9 am for half a day. Tools are provided, Each session has a first aider and a Site Manager to organise the session.


The Friends Group is divided into History, Environmental, Wildlife and Community projects all designed to make the park a more welcoming and enjoyable place to be.


The Friends Group receives no funding and depends on awards, donations and membership subscriptions. If you feel you wish to become a member or make a donation,please read on.

Get Involved

Interested and want to get involved? What should you do? Remember you don't have to be a gardener, physically strong or come to sessions regularly.

News 1

Teddymania was a great success with over a thousand people attending. As there was so much else going on on the day we were surprised at the fantastic turnout. Of course near perfect weather helped and families enjoyed the free events and entertainment. Our collections alone raised £1099 for Friends funds, all of which will be spent on your park. If you are interested in what went on click below for a copy of the news email sent out a week after the event.

News 2

Our next event in the park is our regular Bug and Butterfly walk. This is led by Susan Stead our Wildlife lead. Who know what can be found in our beautiful park. Come along and enjoy the walk at 2 pm at the Eldwick entrance on Sunday 11th August. If you would like to see the poster click below.

News 3

The Friends try to make sure there are events happening throughout the year. They are not all as grand as Teddymania but are varied and we hope entertaining. Look out for our Whats On poster around Bingley but if you can't wait then click below.

News 4

AGM 2018 is now over but you can see the minutes here

And the Chairman's statement here.

And the Treasurer's 2018 statement is here

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