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Your park -  now designated a local wildlife site

The Prince of Wales park has now been officially designated with Gilstead Moor a local wildlife site. The date of approval by the local site partnerships (West Yorkshire Ecology) was 15/09/2016.

The top of the park was originally a third tier  wildlife site under Bradford Council for many years. Estelle Skinner, working for West Yorkshire Ecology , surveyed the whole park in 2012 as it was on the list of wildlife sites. All Bradford wildlife sites were surveyed by Estell. It was looked at under a new site criteria and it has taken some time to receive information regarding the park's update.

On receiving the maps and information I am delighted report that the whole of the park with Gilstead Moor is now a designated site – the qualifying criteria being species rich woodland and mixed habitats.

The Prince of Wales Park is the only Park in Bradford, or anywhere else, with a wildlife designation and is unique. We should celebrate this!

Activities and events will continue as usual as will the work to keep the park available for public enjoyment.


Susan Stead     

Wildlife lead for the park

Wildlife in the park

The Prince of Wales Park has a wealth of wild fauna and flora. It is monitored by the wildlife group of the Friends of Prince of Wales Park.  

The top of the park is considered to be the primary wildlife area as it is officially, at this time, a “Bradford Wildlife Area” (BW 133). It is on the list of local sites designated for their wildlife interest under Bradford Councils nature conservation strategy document “Nature and People”. The park was surveyed by West Yorkshire Ecology in 2012 as were other sites around Bradford. Link to doc

 There is a mosaic of habitats at the top of the park -  heathland, woodland and acidic grassland. At the bottom of the park we have woodland, water features, flower beds, wild flower areas and uncut and cut grass areas, all of which are beneficial to wildlife.

We aim in all we do to make the park a haven for wildlife and a magical place where families can enjoy it.

 We have a wildlife group who particularly concentrate on planning for wildlife.


 Click below to find out more about our wildlife


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