The Friends of Prince of Wales Park (FOPOWP) formed in March 2013 when members of the local community decided that their  park needed some attention. Many of the Friends have fond memories of a childhood spent in and around the park and remember it as a real centre of the community. We want to encourage people of all ages to come and enjoy the space again.

If you have visited the park recently, you will have seen that a great deal of work has been done done to return it to its former glory, However there is still much to do.. We are aware of the history and wildlife of the area and have no intention of compromising either of these important elements. We are also dealing with a grade II listed park and as such we are required by law to return it to as close to original as possible.

Whilst we  work in partnership with Bradford Council, who are the landlords, our group is self funded, relying on donations from friends, and sponsorship by local businesses and organisations. We can also apply for pots of money as a Friends Group which the council do not have access to. You can be assured that any donations you make will be spent on the park or work associated with the park.

Initially there is a need to reclaim the fabric of the park with path and drainage clearance, pruning, planting and the reversal of many years of neglect. We need to ensure that the wildlife is encouraged to flourish and that historical monuments are at least protected from further deterioration. All of this requires hard physical work, gardening know how and bags of enthusiasm. The less glamorous work revolves around maintaining the reclaimed parts of the park to ensure they do not fall back into neglect.

We all get a great feeling of pride in the changes we are making for the good of the community. And yes, if you join us, you may get a few blisters and aching muscles along the way but the payback is a feeling of achievement and a great sense of camaraderie, humour and warmth.

A message from the Chair