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                              So, want some ideas do you ?

            Our theme is The Prince of Wales Park in Winter

               Send to

  • How about posting a video on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter or YouTube and emailing the link in. It could be a dance, a story or some music

  • Record a song or story as MP3 and emailing that to us

  • Try a camouflage and reveal in the park  (See Taskmaster on YouTube)

  • Take a photo or draw a picture of something unusual in the park

  • If you have a craft idea take a picture and send that to us with instructions as to how to make it. Why not make Christmas decorations from things you find in the park?

  • Could you make a short animated film, post it on a social media site and send in the link to us?

Please remember that the contributions should make people happy. If you email in please make sure your attachments are small enough to email. If you email a link then the size of your contribution can be any size your chosen platform allows.

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