Our Team. ​

In 2016 our Friends group became a registered charity (Our charity number is 1168581). This helps us to save money on VAT, benefit from Gift Aid and to seek funding where donors only deal with charitable organisations. These are our committee members. Our brief is to maintain the park, help to improve what we have and encourage more people to visit. Not only do the team work in the park, they work for the park behind the scenes. Of course the Friends have more help and a small army of volunteers turn out regularly.


Allan Mirfield, Chair and History lead for the Friends group.


Pam Beck Secretary to the Friends Group

Horticultural Lead

Viv Smith - all things horticultural

Health & Safety

Margaret Nutter - keeping us all safe

Funding officer

Currently vacant

Vice Chair

Lynda Chadwick, Vice Chair and Commuity relations lead

Membership secretary

Jeff Nutter Membership Secretary

Wildlife Lead

Susan Stead. Wildlife lead


Dennis Palframan

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