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New structure new beginning

The Friends of Prince of Wales Park are a strong and flourishing organisation. They have been around now for 10 years. Recently they have considered every aspect of the way they work and have made changes to the structure to better reflect the way the charity works.


A group of 6 Trustees were appointed at the last AGM. Their role is one of governance. They will ensure the stability of the Charity and ensure that the work done follows the objectives of the Charity. They will also be responsible for finance and all documentation required by the Charities commission. A Trustee may not be directly responsible for a post in the Operations group detailed below but they are able to work within any or all interest areas.

The Trustees are:

Julie Ramsden – Chair

Isobel Ramsden – Secretary

Steve Adair -Treasurer

Jon Ackroyd

Miles Timperley

Jan Richards

Operations Group

This comprises of the following areas of interest. Each area has a designated coordinator whose role is to coordinate the activities and control the designated budget.

Maintenance – David Smith

Archive/History – Allan Mirfield

Wildlife – Jeff Nutter (Temporary)

IT/Communications - Jeff Nutter

Horticulture – Elaine Palframan

Community - Lynda Chadwick

Health and Safety – Mags Nutter

Finance/ Book keeper – Dennis Palframan

In addition to these specific areas, newly proposed projects can be considered and run by any volunteer.

Annual Plan

An annual plan is presented for approval of the members and Trustees at each AGM which outlines proposed work for the year. Additional projects will be considered as and when necessary. This will be published as soon as possible

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